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360° Rotatable LED Wall Sconces ✨

360° Rotatable LED Wall Sconces ✨

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360° Rotatable LED Wall Sconces with 3 Brightness Levels and 3 Color Modes - Battery Operated, 2000mAh, Touch Control 

Elevate your home lighting with our versatile 360° Rotatable LED Wall Sconces. These stylish and functional wall lights offer a unique combination of features to enhance your living space. 🔆💡

Key Features:

  1. 360° Rotatability: Illuminate any area in your room with precision. The swiveling design allows you to direct light wherever it's needed, making these sconces perfect for reading, accent lighting, or creating a cozy atmosphere. 🔄

  2. 3 Brightness Levels: Customize the light intensity to suit your mood or needs. Choose from three brightness levels to create the perfect ambiance. 🌟

  3. 3 Color Modes: Tailor the lighting to match your space or activity. Select from three color modes: warm white, cool white, and natural light, providing options for relaxation, work, or entertainment. 🎨

  4. Built-in 2000mAh Battery: No need for constant charging or connecting to outlets. The built-in 2000mAh battery ensures long-lasting illumination, making these wall sconces ideal for areas without easy access to power sources. 🔋

  5. Touch Control: Adjust brightness and color modes with a simple touch, adding convenience to your lighting experience. ✨

  6. Two Mounting Options: Choose the installation method that suits your preferences. Use the included adhesive tape for a hassle-free, non-permanent stick-on option, or opt for a more secure and traditional installation with the included screws. 🛠️

  7. Magnetic Suction Sconce to Base: The sconces attach to the base magnetically, enabling effortless detachment for charging or use as handheld lights. 🧲

Upgrade your home lighting with these versatile and user-friendly LED wall sconces. Whether for everyday lighting or to create a cozy atmosphere in your living space, these sconces provide the flexibility and convenience you need. 💫🏡

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Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Hilma Larkin

Good product quality.

Camylle Stehr


Moshe Effertz

Super světla, výborná kvalita a výdrž na nabití. Magnet je silný a světlo pěkně drží. možnost tři odstínů bílé a tři odstíny.

Thad Block

quality and looking amazing

Flavie Schamberger

Two for 13,000 won ~

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